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Yes, we are aware that not every house is built on one level, therefore accommodations often need to be made in order for many of us to access those areas!

AZ Lift and Care is proud to offer several of the reliable stairlift systems and platform lifts on the market today.  Some of the manufacturers we have access to for our stairlifts include Sterling, Savaria, and Ameriglide.  Just a few things that need to be considered when looking to install a stairlift include:
  • Are there multiple landings or a curve
  • Length of stairway
  • Pitch of stairs
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • weight of potential users
  • additional features such as rail overrun, foldaway seat, chair size, etc...
  • Any additional comfort requests in the seat

This is another reason a FREE home evaluation is
so helpful.  That is easily arranged by calling us or filling out the CONTACT page.

Platform lifts

In addition to stairlifts, we also offer a variety of Platform lifts in order to access those second level areas.

Depending on the application and your budget we have several styles to choose from.
Some of these choices are the Multi-lift, the P.A.L., and even an Incline Platform Lift that can go upstairs.  In addition to these lifts, there we also have can provide portable platform lifts as well.

Again, a free home evaluation will help us determine which set-up will best work for you.
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