Turning challenges into success


EVERYONE deserves to ride a bike!  And now having a disability is no longer an excuse to not to.  I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to handcycling in 1995, 6 years after breaking my back and becoming paralyzed, whereby figuring my bike riding days were behind me.  Little did I know I would travel the globe covering thousands of miles, winning a few races along the way and have my life transformed by this activity.

However, what was more rewarding than winning or competing in any race was the fact that it put me in a position to share this wonderful sport with the world.  Not only is AZ Lift and Care Specialists one of the best places to buy a handcycle because of the low prices we offer, but you receive a customized fit and all the FREE cycling advice you can ask for from one of the premier riders in the world.

Cycling can be one of the most liberating sports on the planet, especially for individuals with a disability.  No longer are you sitting on the sidelines while your able bodied friends go out riding - you can ride along side performing the same speeds and distances they do.  That is also one of the reasons we were inspired to start the Junior Handcycle program which specifically gets kids with disabilities involved in the sport.  Please feel free to read about the program on the junior handcycling program page.
How are we going to get you in the RIGHT bike today?

Now that is the important question, right?  AND THE MOST IMPORTANT.  We guarantee the lowest advertised price on new products, that is the easy part.  What we strive for is matching your riding style and ability to the ever growing handcycle technology to make sure you get the BEST bike for YOU.

The manufacturers we have access to are Top End/Invacare and Sunrise Medical.  We also recommend Freedom Ryder for those that prefer to ride "lean to steer" cycles, and also are happy to put you in contact with any of the European manufacturers if that is the route you would like to go.


Handcycles 101

Depending on your level of injury and trunk control, that will largely determine whether you ride in a reclined style or "long seat" handcycle, or whether you will ride in a kneeling style handcycle. 

Another important question is whether you are planning on doing long distance riding, or short course racing.  Do you want to compete, or just ride for fun?  The answers to there questions can significantly determine what kind of bike is best for you. 

Your best bet in getting the right bike is to contact us, and then we can talk or meet to determine how to get you on the road!   However, if you already know what you want, that is great too, thanks for helping us with our job!  What we can then do for you is offer you the best price anywhere. Guaranteed.


In case you have not noticed, we mentioned being able to offer the best prices, even with all the extra complimentary services we offer.  Go ahead, shop around! 
Below is a comparison of list pricing found on several discount web sites for the very popular Force Hancycle by Invacare/Top End, with standard features.  Let us show you what we can do for you!

Invacare/Top End retail price: $4,295 + $150 shipping
Spinlife.com price:  $3,436, free shipping
Bike-on.com:  $3,436 + $100 shipping
AZ Lift and Care: $3,345

This is just one example.  Please call us anytime for questions on any other handcycle on the market.


Our storied handcycle history

Of all the life lessons I have learned so far, none have had more impact than the ones I have learned on the bike.  In fact, the very simple act of bike riding has shaped just about every aspect of my life.  It is the reason I live in the Southwest United states where I get year around sunshine, it is the reason I have the business I have now, it largely determines my degree of happiness, it has determined who most of my friends are, introduced me to my wife, and has provided countless life changing experiences.   You can read more about my personal experience on my bio.

Even though these days I am much more inclined to ride bikes out in the dirt and cactus rather than on the road, I learned a lot from my racing days.   Click on the picture below to read my write-up after winning the road race in the Czech Republic in the 2003 European Championships.  As it turned out, after all the sacrifice and training, in the end, I learned it is the true joy in simply "riding" that we are most rewarded..

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