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Surehands patient lift systems:

What can I say, I am proud to have been referred to as the "Lift guy" in Arizona and New Mexico for the past 10 years. We are talking ceiling lifts, wall lifts, pool lifts, lifts for recreation and horse riding, lifts for the tub, lifts for the toilet, YOU NAME IT. 

You will find there are many sources for patient lifts, and we have relationships with many of them, however, we have found the lifts supplied by Surehands Lift and Care Systems to be the most reliable, most versatile, and most effective lifts on the market.   You will find many pictures and descriptions of these lifts on our web site, and in addition to that you can also find a conclusive list of their products including pictures and descriptions can at www.surehands.com. 

One of Surehands' claims to fame is the popular "Body Support" sling which often allows individuals to use an overhead lifting system completely independently.  Although not everyone is a candidate for this style of lift, the ones that are often find it a life changing experience as they are able to GET THEIR INDEPENDENCE BACK. 

Click HERE to see a video of a customer with a C6/7 spinal cord injury use a Surehands overhead lift and the Body Support to perform her transfers independently!

Surehands overhead lifts can also be found in at least 6 hotels in Las Vegas.  Click HERE for more information.
With such a unique product being used to create unique solutions, as you can imagine our approach is very dynamic.  We are available to come to you to provide a free demonstration and evaluation of your home so you are fully informed of your options.  This also allows YOU to make the decisions.

Our highly trained specialists will help you determine the lift that works the best for you, we will help guide you in whatever home modifications you may need, including providing scale drawings if need be, and when the time comes, our highly trained and courteous  staff will dazzle you with their masterful installation techniques.

Please see below just a few samples from our crew's installation portfolio.

Wheelchair to water lifts:

Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of water!  Whether it be for hydrotherapy, a relaxing spa dip, or just to cool off and take a dip we will find the solution for you. 

We supply the most effective pool lifts, at the
LOWEST PRICES, from all the major manufacturers including Surehands, Aqua Creek, Aquatic Access, and Spectrum.

Check out below just a few examples of the many water transfer solutions we can provide.
Pro pool lift with portable kit
Motorized wheelchair to water lift by Surehands. (pictured using body support sling, all other slings are compatible)
Spa Lift
water powered hydraulic seat lift pool lift
overhead motor used for pool lift

Above you learned about the wonderful Surehands Body Support, so let's now talk about SLINGS.  Choosing the right sling is even more critical than choosing the right lift!  There are so many variables that come in to play when choosing the right sling including the user's size and shape, their disability, where the transfers are taking place, the level of ease in removing and putting the sling on, and the degree of independence the end user is striving for.

Pictured above are several sling choices ranging from a waterproof PVC bathing, amputee sling, hygiene style sling for toileting and ease of sling removal, standard sling and walking harness.  Due to the variety in sling choices, that is what makes our home visits with live trials using actual slings so crucial.  Please feel free to review the options, but know nothing beats actually trying out the real thing!

So contact us at anytime, and we'll be happy to come pay a visit to discuss your solutions.

Also, by visiting the slings page on the Surehands website, you will find even more information on your sling choices.

Since every set-up is unique, it is nearly impossible to list individual pricing for each lift.  That is why the FREE evaluation and demonstration is so important.  After what set-up is determined to be most appropriate to meet your needs, we can then let you know what your exact pricing is.  However, we are always happy to give you "ballpark" pricing for different kinds of lifts.  Just give us a call or fill out the contact page.
You will likely be pleasantly surprised on the affordability!

We also from time to time have "buy-back" lifts from individuals that have either upgraded or no longer were in need of their lift.  Please note that these lifts generally do not come with a warranty, but can offer a significant savings.
Coming soon to to the web site will be a listing of used equipment available.
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